Fighting To Bring Back Jobs To America… Trump Gets Ford To Reverse Course On Mexico Plant

So you know that whole thing where Donald Trump is always wrong? You know that thing where Hillary Clinton says that Donald Trump speaks only in lies and exaggerations? Yeah, me neither because the exact opposite has happened and made Hillary and the rest of the liberals look like complete fools.

Donald Trump, during the first presidential debate, called out Ford for moving production of some of its cars to Mexico.

This is 100% true as it’s been confirmed that the C-max and Focus models will be produced in Mexico in a Ford’s new plant. Ford was apparently so scared by Trump’s power move that they agreed to sit down and talk with him about how to make sure jobs stay in the US.

This is how a president should operate with these large businesses hurting the American economy!

Ford told the Economic Club of Washington that he thought Trump’s criticism of the No. 2 automaker’s foreign investments were “infuriating and “frustrating” because of the company’s extensive investments and employment in the United States. Trump has threatened if elected to impose hefty tariffs on Ford imports from Mexico.

Ford told reporters after the event that the session with Trump was a “great meeting” that took place a few months ago.

“He was very thoughtful, asked good questions,” Ford said of Trump. “He certainly knows the facts.” Asked if Trump had changed his mind about his criticism, Ford did not directly answer but said, “The campaign trail is a different animal than anything I’m ever familiar with.”

So before the meeting, Ford was saying it was preposterous. After, they’re singing Trump’s praises. Tell me again, Hillary, how he’ll ruin the country…

In reality, Trump will make America great again and he’ll start by bringing jobs back to the US. Boom. You’re done, Clinton.


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