First WikiLeaks Reveals What Hillary Said About Blacks, Now THIS News Could RUIN Her

The Clinton team are no strangers to playing the race card. Whenever they have had the opportunity to exploit the issue of racism to their benefit, they have done so with vigor. However, recent revelations, courtesy of Wikileaks, provide proof that the Clinton team was – and is – using the issue of race purely for selfish means.

Rather than being a true champion for minorities, and especially members of the black community, Clinton and her team see them as voting factions to be manipulated and cajoled. According to Rasmussen Reports, this revelation has caused a groundswell of support in the black community for Donald Trump.

With just under three weeks left in the election cycle, a defection of support from black Americans would spell disaster for Hillary Clinton’s chances. Additionally, should other minority communities see the black community shifting toward Trump because of Hillary’s disrespectful, manipulative tactics, it could cause a domino effect.

As the mainstream media obsess over anything and everything unrelated to the issues, the truth about the embedded bigotry and elitism in the Clinton camp and Hillary Clinton herself is surfacing via their own words. The Wikileaks email dumps are proving to be beyond damaging.

After Wikileaks revealed the Clinton inner-circle went head-to-head with former NAACP president Benjamin Jealous over Clinton ally Rahm Emanuel’s position on Black Lives Matter and how the Clinton team manipulated the black community with false-charges of racism, not only against Donald Trump but against Bernie Sanders, the black community appears to be bolting from Hillary Clinton.

Over the last ten days, support among likely black American voters more than doubled. On October 9th, Rasmussen measured the support in the black community for Donald Trump at a mere nine percent, but by October 13th, that number had shot up to 24 percent. This mass defection from Clinton to Trump could leave Clinton mortally wounded. There would be no way for Hillary Clinton to win the election on November 8th if these numbers hold or get worse.

By all estimations, Clinton would need a solid 93 percent of the black vote to win the election. As it stands today, Clinton is only gleaning 76 percent. By contrast, Barack Obama received 93 percent of the black American vote in 2012. Mitt Romney received an anemic six percent that year.

In addition to Hillary Clinton’s “private” position of bigotry against the black community, Wikileaks has exposed her and her team as being manipulative of the Latino and Catholic communities. They have labeled leaders in the Latino community as “needy” and have openly plotted to foment a “revolution” in the Catholic church in America to advance a secularist agenda inside the religion.

With members of the black community waking up to the condescension with which Clinton and her team treat them, the end of the Clinton reign of elitism and snobbery could very well be at hand. The irony is that this Clinton’s demise will come at the hand of a voter demographic she never thought would challenge her lies and deception.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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