Forget The Election, This New Report on Clinton Foundation May End Hillary’s Freedom… FOR GOOD!

The Clinton Foundation has been shown to not be a good influence on the world. It has operated for one reason alone, to allow the lining of the pockets of the Clintons to continue, with large sums of cash from corporate special interests and foreign interests being funneled through the Foundation. We have already seen details of the “Pay to Pal” process that Hillary used when she was Secretary of State. This entailed her meeting you for a meeting if you donated substantially to the Foundation. This is corruption at its purest.

Here are seven further lies that the Clinton Foundation has been spreading:

  1. The Clinton Health Access Initiative didn’t disclose its donors annually.

The document – signed by top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and Bruce Lindsey, the then-CEO of the Clinton Foundation – promised that any new foreign donations into the foundation or the material increase of existing foreign donors would be disclosed during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State.

As Reuters revealed last year, officials at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) — an HIV/AIDs-focused non-profit that falls under the Clinton Foundation’s umbrella — admitted they failed to uphold these commitments during Clinton’s entire tenure, from 2009 to 2013.

2.The Clinton Health Access Initiative didn’t submit foreign government donations to State Department ethics officials for review.

3.The Clinton Foundation didn’t disclose a new $500,000 donation in 2010 from the Algerian government

4.The Clinton Foundation didn’t disclose $2.35 million of donations from a family foundation linked to a company with business before Clinton’s State Department.

5.The Clinton Foundation was late in disclosing millions of dollars in speaking fees.

In May 2015, the Clinton Foundation revealed that it had taken millions of dollars in previously undisclosed fees pumped into the organization as a result of speeches given by Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton.

  1. The Clinton Foundation hasn’t revealed all of the sources of money transferred from a Canadian charity.

Listed in the most elite group of donors to the Clinton Foundation – the $25 million and above category – is a Canadian-registered charity named the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.

The Clinton Foundation hasn’t revealed all of the sources of money transferred from a Canadian charity.

  1. Exact donation amounts and dates are unknown.

A challenge for anyone trying to scrutinize the list of Clinton Foundation donors is that the organization reports the money in broad ranges and doesn’t provide the dates when the donations were given

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