Former GOP Leader Just Dropped A Sizzler About Donald Trump That’ll Stun

Former House majority leader Tom Delay believes Donald Trump has “no clue” about the Constitution or religion. Delay made his assertion on USA Radio’s Trending Today USA earlier this week, while promoting his new book, Revival! Revolution! RebirthThe former Texas congressman told host Rusty Humphries that God is at the core of the Constitution and the Constitution is the core of the United States’ government.

“Can you imagine what our culture is like today, if our two nominees are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?” Delay wondered. Humphries questioned the Texan about Trump’s religious faith. Delay expressed doubt. He mentioned that he was among the 1,000 evangelical leaders invited to New York City last week by the presumptive GOP nominee. “You listen to him, and it’s obvious he doesn’t practice his faith,” said Delay. 

“When you start talking about God, about values, about culture, he has not clue, and he certainly does not have any clue about the Constitution,” he added.

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