Former Miss Wisconsin gave her amazing story on Greta about Mr. Trump

Ginger Parr said: Trump is for Americans wake up everyone the establishment or the GOP will stand up for the voices of the people. Wisconsin Mr.Trump will make you proud and safe as our President Trump works hard addressing issues that he sees we need our companies back that will bring jobs back. Wisconsin is known for their chesee and dairy.Wouldn’t it be nice to manufacture more companies and jobs for Wisconsin! Let’s vote ya all for a better future vote Mr.Trump to make America Great Again!

Joni Dewey said: Underneath all that make-up and hair gel is a wonderful woman who believes in Donald J. Trump because he has already proven himself to her and her child…. That is the kind of president that this country needs.

Chris Walker said: He loves woman and is a very kind and caring person and does so many wonderful thing for many Americans behind the scenes! WI please vote Trump on Tuesday.

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