Former Miss Wisconsin Reveals Message Donald Trump Sent Her While She Was On Verge of Dying

The Clinton smear machine has kicked into high gear in an attempt to smear Donald Trump as a knuckle-dragging misogynist. This level of disingenuous and slanderous propaganda hasn’t been seen since the Clinton smear machine geared up against the many women who were going to come forward to expose Hillary Clinton’s serial sexual predator husband for his crimes against them.

So, because the allegations are manufactured and manipulated to paint a false picture, we shouldn’t be surprised that honest and truthful people are coming forward in defense of Donald Trump. One of those people, former Miss Wisconsin, Melissa Young, explained to CNN’s Karen Costello just how compassionate Trump was to her and her son as she lay in a hospital bed with just a slim hope for survival, Trump sent her a message telling her, “To the bravest woman I know.”

The fact of the matter is that Trump has demonstrated his kindness and respect for women – and for minorities, for that matter – in myriad ways over the years. In fact, the only time he has ever appeared to be attacking women is when the female in question lashed out at him first.

As the Clinton machine trots out opportunistic  “schemesters” in an attempt to advance unprovable allegations against Trump’s character, those who know him best and who have been the recipients of his generosity are telling a much different tale.

In the CNN interview Young told a touching story of the GOP presidential nominee that occurred long before Trump ever entertained running for the presidency. She offered an example of the kind of man Donald Trump is when no one is looking.

“Years after competing on his stage at Miss USA I became extremely ill due to a doctor’s medical negligence,” Young said to Costello. “I was in the hospital fighting for my life. That day – and I don’t even think he knows this – I was given my Last Rites. And a delivery man came to the door of the hospital room and said, ‘Here, I have an envelope for you.’ Hand written by Mr. Trump it said, ‘Must be delivered by 8am.’ I opened it and there was a message from him saying, ‘To the bravest woman I know.’ In that moment it lifted my spirits where I knew God was not done with me yet.”

Young went on to say that Trump continued to check on her and to check on her son. She told of how Trump personally called her to check on her.

Young was purposeful in pointing out that her son was Mexican-American and that throughout that experience – and, in fact, throughout her entire time knowing the man – Trump never treated them with anything other than the utmost respect and dignity. She called him “a wonderful support system for me and my son.”

This a diametrically opposed depiction of Donald Trump from what is being advanced by former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, who the Clinton campaign has cultivated to smear Trump as a name-calling bigot. Machado has made unverifiable allegations that Trump has called her “Miss Piggy” and referred to her as a maid, playing on her Venezuelan roots. Machado has been reported to have threatened judges with death, driven “getaway” cars for people accused of murder, and having had a son by a drug cartel kingpin.

Given the characters of both of these women – one God-fearing and thankful, the other violent, hot-tempered and opportunistic – it is easy to discern who would be telling the truth, and who would be open to smearing an innocent individual for personal gain.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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