Four Members of Clinton Foundation Board of Directors Either Charged or Convicted of Financial Crimes

You can be judged by the company you keep, or at least it is a good indicator of the character and values one has. That should be true of both presidential candidates, but we heard long ago that the media is not interested in the character of the Clintons.

When Bill was in office and sexually molesting or assaulting women, the press and the Democrats suggested it was unimportant and that only the job he was doing as president was of significance. And equally outrageous was how Hillary covered for Bill and even led the charge to destroy the lives of any of the abused women who might threaten her husbands position, with the feminist lobby also supporting the cover-up and character assassination.

When Trump was accused of sexual improprieties with his wife (!), the media was all over it until she came to his defense. It is an amazing double standard, but the media seems unaware of how twisted their comparative standards are.

The Clintons are obsessed with wealth and power, which has led to their association with many unsavory, corrupt individuals, along with the creation of a huge slush fund generator called the Clinton Foundation, which gives a giant black eye to the concept of a charitable foundation run by a politician. It is worth noting the the Clinton Foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, but actually pays out to worthy recipients only about 10% of the funds collected. In any other charity review, that would be considered an illegal scam, but in the case of the Clintons, the media turns a blind eye to the outrageous organization.

The Clinton Foundation has members of its board of directors who have been charged or convicted of bribery, fraud, or other financial crimes, and once again, it is clear that the corruption starts at the top and the board members are simply a good indication of the morals and ethics of the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation is so unlike a real charity that even charity watchdog group Charity Navigator refuses to rate the Clinton Foundation because of its “atypical business model.”

One of those problems is the fact that the Clintons put big donors and close pals on the board for reasons that are hard to fathom. In fact, at least four of these “board members” have either been charged or convicted of serious financial irregularities, crimes including bribery and fraud.

The most well-known of these board members is Vinod Gupta.

“Vinod Gupta, the founder and chairman of the database firm InfoUSA, was a major Clinton financial supporter who served as a foundation trustee.”

In 2008 he was charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for using company funds to support his luxurious lifestyle. He was alleged to have used more than $9.5 million in corporate funds to pay for personal jet travel, millions for his yacht, personal credit card expenses, and the cost of twenty cars. He settled with the SEC for $4 million.

Gupta also paid Bill Clinton a $3 million “consulting fee,” an act of misuse of corporate funds that brought shareholders to file a suit against him. The company eventually settled with shareholders to the tune of $13 million.

Another such person involved with financial irregularities is foundation trustee Sant Chatwal, who has convictions for illegal campaign financing, obstruction of justice, and a list of other charges.

Then there is trustee Victor Dahdaleh, who “was charged by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in Great Britain with paying more than 35 million pounds in bribes to executives in Bahrain to win contracts of more than 2 billion pounds,” the book notes.

It is astonishing that the media refuses to investigate or report on these and other criminals who the Clintons have close relations with, and who have helped enrich the Clintons to the tune of over $230 million in the last ten years or so. That is particularly true during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department where special favors and and decisions seemed to be linked with huge payments to Bill for speeches he gave.

FBI Director James Comey recently let Hillary walk over her illegal use of a private server for government email and top secret communications, but the bigger scandal is how the server was used to hide lucrative “pay-for-play” cash given to the Clinton Foundation for favorable treatment by the State Department and the U.S. Government, compliments of Hillarys position as Secretary of State. The truth there will probably never be known, and it will certainly not be reported by the main stream press, no matter how blatant or clear cut.

However, it seems that Donald Trump may continue to expose some of the misdeeds and corruption of the Clintons, even though the press will continue to cover for the dysfunctional couple to try to extend the Clinton and the progressive dynasty. But it not necessary to look further than the types of individuals the Clintons have on the board of their Foundation to recognize that this is a corrupt, cynical, greedy couple that is out only for themselves. That a significant portion of the public and the Democrat party chooses to overlook that fact is a sad and depressing commentary on the values and the honesty of the people of this nation.

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