Fox News’ Bolling Just Hit A Home Run Against Williams: Trump Does THIS While Hillary…

While liberal media reporters lick their wounds from the lambasting Donald Trump delivered at a recent news conference, Hillary Clinton continues to get a free pass — even though she won’t give a news conference at all.

The likely Republican nominee slammed what he described as biased media coverage during the primary campaign and called out “dishonest” reporters at a national press availability on Tuesday — one of many he’s held. Meanwhile, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has been a no-show when it comes to news conferences in 2016, reports Mediate, but escapes criticism for the dodging.

Eric Bolling from Fox News’ “The Five” brought the issue up on Wednesday after liberal co-host Juan Williams tried to defend Clinton by saying she has done multiple one-on-one interviews. Such interviews enable reporters to gain more in-depth information from a candidate than “scripted” news conferences, Williams argued.

But Bolling — who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1984 and enjoyed a short-lived baseball career — swung back:

“Do you see the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?” Bolling asked. “Hillary Clinton pushes back on the idea of getting unscripted questions fielded from various different press groups. Donald Trump embraces it. He looks for that confrontation. And he goes back and forth and doesn’t — isn’t offended by stuff, fights hard back. But Hillary Clinton just avoids it completely.”

The conservative commentator went on to say that he gives credit to Clinton for using that “playbook,” as she is winning in the Democrat primary against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. But he said that strategy will become much tougher when it is Trump versus Clinton heading to the general election.

Trump’s ability to control the media may very well be a problem for Clinton, who detests the media — even after more than two decades of kid-glove treatment by overwhelmingly sympathetic reporters.

The liberal New York Times published a piece last week that described the dilemma presented to television networks that struggle to provide equal airtime as the billionaire “relishes” the spotlight, while the former secretary of state “recoils” from it.

The article highlighted several instances in which major networks have eschewed coverage of Clinton events in favor of Trump appearances — or even non-appearances. In one case, the three major cable networks — CNN, Fox and MSNBC — provided footage of an empty podium of a stage in North Dakota where the real estate mogul was about to speak while Clinton was actually addressing union leaders in Las Vegas.

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