Fox News Host Makes Hillary Supporter Admit That Clinton Foundation Is A Huge Scam

From here until the election, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of news from the liberal media about how evil Donald Trump is, about how evil and misguided his supporters are, and how blind all the voters are for following him. I’d like to turn the tables slightly to the other side of the coin.

The Clinton Foundation is supposedly a foundation that, according to the video below, provides AIDS drugs support, women’s empowerment services, and childhood obesity relief efforts to the people it supports. That may be true, but what amount do they get really? Melissa Francis decided to find out and what she saw she EXPOSED to the world. The Clinton Foundation gives back no more than 10% of what it makes, not even making it a charity. This isn’t some conspiracy theory, it’s been confirmed by Obama’s IRS!

Francis had former advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein, on her show to talk about the foundation and how poorly it’s managed and how corrupt it is.

She absolutely crushed Goodstein and showed America that the Clinton Foundation is nothing but a bunch of bulls**t.

I ask again, how on earth are the Clinton’s, their foundation, and everything they touch not shut down and investigated? Where is the line? At this point what we can do is continue to expose they for the frauds and criminals they are.

The best way to combat this? Voting for Donald Trump so he can throw them in prison like he promised!


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