Fox News Is Trying To Fire Sean Hannity For An Insane Reason, How He Struck Back Is EPIC

Sean Hannity has just been betrayed, and, reportedly, he will be sacked. The reason is probably connected to the presidential elections and Hannity’s views about it. So, this is what happens when a man, tries to be objective and straightforward in a politically oppressed society.

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Hannity showed his support for Trump, and now the top staffers got their eyes on him. Is this what will happen to all of Americans who decide to give their support to Trump?

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Fox News reporter Sean Hannity supports Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, and he decided to exercise his Constitutional right to Free Speech by appearing in an ad for our candidate. Fox News executives, however, were upset at Sean Hannity for appearing in this ad, because they thought Hannity should not pick sides. It should be noted that some top staffers at Fox News have been recently outed as working for Hillary’s campaign.

Fox News put out a press release, saying, “We were not aware of Sean Hannity participating in a promotional video and he will not be doing anything along these lines for the remainder of the election season.” It’s absolutely disgusting that the network should stifle Hannity’s right to free speech. Biased liberal media outlets criticized Hannity, but it is crazy that Fox News agreed with them this time.

Hannity struck back,and will be moderating a pro-Trump town hall event before the election. He also asserted his right to have a political point of view, saying, “Here’s a website, ThinkProgress, remember they did the structural imbalance of talk radio so many years ago? And then they did this hit piece, ‘Hannity Interviewed Donald Trump 41 Times, And Never Made News,’ or something to that effect, which is just not true. And they picked some of the easier questions that I asked Donald Trump, which they could have done with any other candidate that I have interviewed. I’ll be honest, I’m not sitting here — If I’m interviewing Hillary Clinton, it’s gonna be a hundred times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans represent, and have a far better vision, one that I agree with.” Do you support Sean Hannity?

It is just outrageous that a person gets disciplined for trying to say what they believe to be the truth and express their right to an opinion. Hannity knows that the people are behind him against this injustice, no matter what.

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