Fox News Proves Flint Pastor’s Ambush of Trump Was a Total Setup

You have probably heard by now that Trump was ambushed by a Flint, Michigan Pastor during a speech he was giving as soon as Trump stated the Truth about Hillary Clinton.

Prior to Trump’s visit to the church Pastor Timmons posted her intentions on Facebook, saying: “Today is the day! We have a chance to show DONALD TRUMP than this nation is filled with intelligent, wise black citizens of integrity many of whom live right here in FLINT, MICHIGAN. What he will see is how we are braving a manmade catastrophe. HE WILL NOT USE US, WE will EDUCATE HIM!!!“

You can see the report here…


Surprise, surprise…She’s an Obama supporter!

This was clearly a setup from the beginning and you can bet the Hillary campaign was behind it, without question. It was a publicity stunt to tear Trump down, but it just blew up in their faces.

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H/T: ProudCons

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