Fox News Reporter Exposes Why Hillary Clinton CANNOT Stop Lying

When you listen to the below clip, I want you to think about what Charles Krauthammer is saying and realize how true his words actually are.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has covered up nearly every single bad mistake she’s done and Clinton has been preaching innocence the entire time. This most recent lie of not alerting the public to her pneumonia diagnosis is absolutely absurd. Instead, they said nothing and Hillary fainted because of it.

Whether she actually had pneumonia, we don’t know, but for this example, we’ll say she does. Wouldn’t telling the American public that she has pneumonia be a better solution that going through all of this?

Krauthammer was fed up and took it to the liars at the Clinton campaign on his Fox News segment, HARD.

But he’s right! Why not just tell the truth? It’s so much easier than parading her around in a pneumonia state. It’s not the deadly disease it once was. Saying she has pneumonia isn’t a death sentence so what gives?

This all means that Clinton, her campaign, and anyone involved with them is 100% incapable of telling the truth. It’s disturbing and dangerous and I truly worry for the future of our country with voters give her their support.


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