Fox News Reporter PROVES That It’s Already TOO LATE For Hillary. She’s DONE!

Whether it’s Hillary’s email scandal, her health issues, or her pathological lying to the American public, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton doesn’t make a good candidate. Yet many people on both sides of the aisle think that her secrets mean that we need to uncover the real Hillary.

Not so, says Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News’ The Five. Gutfeld maintains and proves that not only do Hillary’s secrets not need to be unearthed, but that we already know everything we need about her. She’s willing to lie without end and doesn’t care if American lives are lost for her quest for political power.

Here’s Gutfeld’s argument, and I can’t say I disagree with him:

Amen, Greg. Amen. The faster we realize that Hillary isn’t fit, both morally and physically to run and lead the country, the faster we’ll get this country back on track. Who’s with me?!


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