Full Video: Donald Trump Gives The Best Speech Of His Campaign To Date At The AIPAC Policy Conference

Mr. Trump solve the Israel & Palestinian issue by staying form with Israel always.

We need a successful business person to instill the principals of excellence, hard work, dedication, commitment, and respect for all of us no matter at what social rank. We are all Americans and as such owe to each other the commitment to work together in a synergistic effective way to make this country great again for every single American no matter what creed, color, religion and political believes.

Aliens and naturalized Americans appreciate what Mr. Trump is trying to accomplish. Only in a united America standing together will we accomplish the goal of America becoming great again.

This is your chance to join the team and get on Board the Trump Express and help us take the country back from the politicians and political dividers. Politicians do best when the people are divided.

Let’s stop the division and strive for the same future to make America the shinning star again respected and appreciated by the whole world. This is how it used be for close to 100 years plus.

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