Fundraiser Says Trump Won’t Get $500 Mil for Race, Doesn’t Know Trump’s Secret Plan

Fred Malek, a longtime Republican fundraiser and bonafide establishment hack, predicted last week that unless presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump were to invest $500 million into his own campaign, he would ultimately lose to Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton in November.

“He’s going to have to write a pretty big check for himself if he wants to be president,” he said last week on CNN. “It takes about a billion dollars to be competitive with Hillary Clinton.”

He added, “In his case, I think he can probably raise less than half of that amount; therefore, he better be prepared to write a check close to 500 million dollars if he wants to be competitive.”

However, Trump has already expressed his willingness to sell a building and commit a billion dollars of his own money to his campaign, meaning that there is really nothing more to talk about here, is there?

Speaking with the Washington Examiner later that week, Malek added that most of his donor buddies were unwilling at the time to provide Trump with any money.

“There’s a significant segment of large donors, and the donor community at large, that would need to see a fundamentally different approach to raise money, or give money, to Trump,” he said.

But again, who really cares what these bigwigs think, given that Trump possesses more than enough money to self-fund his whole campaign?

Malek, who previously served as as Sen. John McCain’s national finance chairman during the 2008 election and was a major fundraiser for Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012, seemed to think that the feelings of the establishment class mattered in this election. Wrong.

As the GOP voters’ own actions this election season have demonstrated, establishment RINOs have no sway or power over Donald J. Trump. Nice try, though.

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