Furious Priebus to Cruz and Kasich: Drop out if Trump wins Indiana, or else

Reince Priebus is sick and tired of the division in the GOP that has festered and mutated into “Never Trump.” He sternly warned Ted Cruz and John Kasich to drop out of the GOP race if Trump wins Indiana as many experts predict.

Priebus made those comments in recent days during a series of private meetings with party fundraisers that have yet to be made public. Select groups of big money GOP donors huddled with the RNC chief after Trump’s resounding wins in the New York primary last week and Tuesday’s primaries where the real estate developer and reality television star swept five states. Trump is now closer to amassing a majority or 1,237 delates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Trump has 996 delegates compared to his main opponent, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s 565 delegates. Ohio Governor John Kasich, the other remaining candidate vying for the GOP nod, has just 153 delegates.

As Trump closes in on winning the GOP nomination, Priebus has been holding these gatherings in an effort to unify a divided party as the convention and the 2016 presidential election draws near.

Priebus warned of dire consequences if Cruz decided to stay in pointlessly, hinting that perhaps the party would not be willing to help him along in Texas as he faces a reelection bid in 2018

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