Gary Johnson: The General Election’s Benedict Arnold

“Both of the candidates are equally terrible. I can’t believe these are our only options – a reality TV buffoon and another lying politician. I’m going to just vote for Gary Johnson.”

I have heard some variation of this statement from quite a few apathetic, underwhelmingly ‘informed’ prospective American voters. They generally try to virtue signal a vast understanding of U.S. politics, proclaiming themselves to be ‘pragmatic’ and opposed to ‘the system,’ which is all well and good – until you press them a little further and they begin to regurgitate the same corporate media talking points as their liberal/socialist counterparts. They tend to know very little about Gary Johnson or his positions, and even less about Donald Trump and his. They know they don’t want another Clinton, and they also hate the Bushes, so by default they associate all Republicans with the Bush disasters. I’ve sat through absurd proclamations ranging from the standard, “our vote doesn’t even matter anyways,” to, “Gary Johnson could really win this thing,” to, “if it was Romney running this time, he would win in a landslide.”


Gary Johnson is a fraud – and so is his running mate, longtime member of the Council On Foreign Relations and proponent of the North American Union, Bill Weld.

Libertarian Candidates Expose Themselves as Anti-Trump Shills For Hillary Clinton

Johnson’s positions include supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, forced vaccinations, open borders, amnesty, anthropogenic climate change propaganda and carbon taxes, Black Lives Matter/cultural Marxism, big government spending, speech censorship, forcing businesses to ‘bake the cake’ against their will – even if it involves a Jewish baker and a Nazi pastry decorations. He calls Hillary Clinton a “wonderful public servant.” He gets outrageously triggered by the term “illegal immigrant.” He calls Donald Trump a “racist.” He believes the United States should take in our “fair share” of Syrian refugees – despite having no idea what, or where, Aleppo, Syria is.

If you want a telling snapshot of Johnson’s sociopathic lack of character or decency – and also how he feels about guns, take the little-publicized scandal that unfolded at the Libertarian Party nomination event, where defeated candidate, Austin Peterson, emotionally presented an heirloom pistol to Johnson as a token of his allegiance. Johnson promptly threw it in the garbage.

Liberty Hangout reported –

As a token of good faith, Austin gave Johnson a replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol, to let him know that he has Austin’s full support in the general election. Tearing up on the front stage of the convention floor, Austin said to Gary as he presented him with the pistol, “You have my sword, and you have my gun.”

Hours later, a number of delegates were reporting on social media that Johnson was seen tossing Austin’s pistol in the garbage. A husband and wife witnessed Johnson throwing out the pistol and retrieved it from the garbage. The pistol has since been returned to Austin Petersen and remains in his possession.

If more Libertarians had learned of “Gun Gate,” perhaps they wouldn’t so blindly proclaim that Johnson is pro-Second Amendment simply because he’s the party nominee, as high-profile Libertarian, Jesse Ventura, emphatically repeated in a recent radio interview. When asked if he believed Johnson is pro-gun, Ventura replied, “I assume so, he’s from New Mexico…”

Gary Johnson and William Weld Are Fake Libertarians Miseducating the Public

Investigative journalist and viral video creator extraordinaire, Paul Joseph Watson – himself a true libertarian, has just released a new presentation that deconstructs the imposter, Johnson, and makes the clear case that he is basically the opposite of who he claims to be:

At a Libertarian primary debate, Austin Peterson pointed out that Bill Weld’s most recent presidential endorsements included Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to which Gary Johnson shockingly replied that Weld was “the original libertarian.” A cacophony of boos ensued:

Drawing a moral equivalency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is asinine. No matter how much one dislikes or disagrees with Trump, he has never held public office or controlled U.S. policy. He does not hold responsibility for the implosion of the Middle East, the ‘refugee crisis,’ the rise, arming, and funding of ISIS, the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. He did not siphon millions of dollars in Haitian earthquake relief funds into his personal foundation, while hundreds of thousands of victims continue to live in tent cities to this day. He does not have an ever-growing body count piling up behind him. He has never sold state secrets, influence, or uranium stores to foreign interests or governments. He has not participated in the silencing of sexual assault victims – whether in protection of his rapist spouse, or joyfully in defense of a client who beat his 12-year-old victim into a coma. He does not have a 30-year track record of unprecedented corruption on the global political scene.

If this is the election you’ve chosen to thumb your nose at the two party duopoly – good news: Donald Trump and We the People have already begun that process by steamrolling over a dozen establishment candidates, the treasonous GOP brass, quisling #NeverTrumpers, hundreds of millions of dollars in opposition cash, and 90% of the corporate AND alternative media. There may very well be opportunities for us all to unite behind purist libertarian, Ron Paul-esque candidates in future elections – but not if this is the last election, and it very well may be if the global elite can win one more time.

And if you’re one of those absurd single-issue voters whose sole purpose in heading to the polls is to pick the guy who supports legalization pathways for marijuana – you can STILL support Trump.

Now you have no excuses for lack of information: anyone who casts a vote for the dead-on-arrival decoy Gary Johnson, because they cannot comprehend the long-term, worldwide ramifications of a Hillary Clinton and Co. presidency, is a fool. This is the New American Revolution. We have our modern day Paul Reveres and George Washingtons – and Gary ‘Benedict’ Johnson is nothing better than a traitor and nothing more than a spoiler.


H/T: WesternFreePress

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