Gay Man’s Desperate Plea After Orlando Shooting (To Elect Trump)

Tyler writes:

It’s time we come out of the closet. #ComingOut4Trump Join the revolution on Twitter: @angryfraggot

First video I’ve ever made. I know, I’m awkward. But this came from the heart and I hope that – regardless of your political leanings – you can hear the truth in these words and help me fight, with #NoShame, to elect a strong leader who isn’t afraid to look radical Islam in the eye and tell it, “It stops NOW.”

He may or may not be your cup of tea, but there’s no denying Donald Trump would be an aggressive fighter who will keep our country SAFE from those that would like nothing more than to see us destroyed.

As opposed to Hillary Clinton, a crooked woman mired in scandal, including jeopardizing national security with her blatant disregard for the law; she is not above it, and we need to let her know that she will be held accountable by, at the very least, not electing her to the highest office where she’ll weaken our borders, allowing a flood of outsiders with questionable intent to wreak havoc on our soil. She’d also do everything in her power to take away our means of protecting ourselves, our friends, family, and fellow Americans.

Take a stand for America – and help make it great again by pledging your support for Donald Trump.

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