George Bush Posts EPIC Memorial Day Message… This Is What REAL Leaders Do

On Memorial Day, many of America’s prominent political leaders sent out messages in support of America’s fallen heroes and remind all of us what they were actually fighting for.

Former President George W. Bush managed to go viral on Memorial Day by posting a very short, but very powerful, message on his Instagram account honoring America’s fallen.

“This Memorial Day morning, Laura Bush and I join a grateful nation in remembering the lives of those who died defending our country. America forever honors their sacrifice and thanks their families,” the post stated.

Bush also included a picture of a flag flying at half-mast.

Unlike some people who did nothing — or even worse, did something very wrong, like Bernie Sanders — Bush showed true class in posting a simple message that showed who the day was all about.

Some people try to make the day all about themselves, but Bush chose to focus solely on America’s fallen heroes. No politics, no bickering about Donald Trump, just a simple message honoring the sacrifices of so many.

Bush is the type of leader America has needed over these past few years. Yes, he had his flaws, but at the end of the day he genuinely loved America and America’s veterans.

Under Obama, our military has been shredded, and the Veterans’ Affairs debacle has seemed to worsen every month. We don’t need any more of Obama’s treatment of America’s soldiers; we need a president who will respect them and provide them with the care they need.

Bush understood that when he authorized the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq he would be putting American lives on the line, but he did so anyway because freedom sometimes demands sacrifice.

However, Bush never forgot those who died protecting this country, and he has spent much of his time since his last term working hard to fight for America’s veterans, just like they fought for him.

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