George Will crosses the line of reason

And RNC delegates don’t need to do the dirty work of him and others like him.

The well known conservative writer and TV commentator George Will has finally crossed the line of reason. He’s leaving the Republican Party because of Donald Trump.

It gets worse! In a recent speech, he actually hoped that Hillary would defeat Trump in the fall, which would produce gridlock in D.C.

There’s more!

George Will also said:

“Gridlock in government is a good thing nine times out of 10. Gridlock is not an American problem. It’s an American achievement.”

Gridlock often “stops things” the federal government should not be doing.

An American achievement!

Gridlock also stops things we should be doing.

Gridlock is why we have a stalled economy, a smaller military, a dysfunctional ObamaCare system, skyrocketing health care and health insurance costs, stagnant wages, rising sneak-a-taxes, and runaway regulations just to name a few.

I thought “conservatives” believed in less government, lower taxes, securing our borders, enforcing our laws and more individual responsibility. That’s how I define conservative values, and that’s consistent with the proposals Trump has made. But George Will has put all of that aside because Donald Trump does not measure every word that he speaks to Will’s liking.

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, and Trump is not stuck in an ideological box like George and the rest of the anti-Trump folk, who don’t seem to know how to get out.

Oh! And let’s not forget what happens if Hillary wins, which George and other so-called vintage conservatives are OK with. There will be at least one new liberal judge appointed to the Supreme Court. Then, George Will and the other anti-Trump folk will say it’s Trump’s fault.

Bull feathers! They are the ones trying to dump Trump and sabotage his Republican nomination, which would go against the will of the people.

The latest tactic of the anti-Trump crowd is to encourage RNC delegates to “vote their conscience” and do the dirty work for these irrational ideologues. In doing so, they would be ignoring the voters they represent.

RNC delegates, I ask you: Where were these vintage conservative voices when we lost the last two presidential elections? I was not thrilled with the nominees, but I supported them and voted for them anyway, and so did you, and we lost!

Where were these vintage conservatives when you were attending monthly Republican Party meetings, going to district and state conventions, doing grassroots work for your favorite candidates, and listening to your constituents? Most of this you did on your own dime!

Where will these vintage ideological conservatives be when we lose again, because they can’t have their idea of conservative perfection? I’ll tell you where they will be. They will be writing and speaking and appearing in the media pointing fingers at Trump and others as to why we lost again.

RNC delegates, don’t do their dirty work. Represent the will of the people you represent, and you will be voting your conscience.

I’m tired of losing the presidency! I’m tired of our country drifting into more socialism and even more liberalism.

There’s no guarantee that Trump will win in November, but it does not help when these vintage, ideological, self-proclaimed vocal conservative elites continue to play into the hands of the Democrats.

RNC delegates, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. He won!

Let’s win in November.

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