Get A Load of This Math Problem Using the ‘Old’ Way and the ‘Common Core’ Way, it’s INSANE…

Have you ever wondered where all these government bureaucrats came from? Probably from our educational system!

Bad news, folks. It’s going to get worse. Once you take a gander at the ridiculous way young children are being taught math versus the “old fashioned” way, you will be extremely concerned for our children and their future. 

One of the things you immediately realize with this new method is that it takes up a lot of space. It also is quite a bit more complicated.

In the new method, you never actually subtract anything. Every step of the way requires addition. They start off with 12, the smaller of the two numbers, and make their way up to the larger of the two numbers, 32.

All the additions it takes to move between 12 to 32 “add up” to the answer, 20. Do children really understand what they’re doing here? I had to look the darn process up, myself. It just doesn’t seem like this new method is intuitive or easier to learn.

These new standards began to be introduced in 2010, so chances are you have encountered someone out and about in the world who was taught under this “new and improved” way, via Common Core.

So, the next time you go to Burger King and one of the high school kids who works there can’t seem to get your change right, it’s probably because of this ridiculously bloated way of learning math! It’s pretty pathetic that Obama can’t even devise an effective means to teach our youngsters basic skills!

Isn’t it nice that we don’t have another bureaucrat coming into the Oval Office? Isn’t it nice that we have a businessman who understands a budget?

Donald Trump has a proven track record of doing things on time AND under budget. He turned around a failing city skating rink project that the government had been trying to accomplish for 12 years and completed it under budget and in just six months! (as per New York Times)

Because of that, you can bet your bottom dollar Donald Trump is not going to go for all of this complicated Common Core math baloney! Making our country great again starts with making it more efficient, which includes our education system, but even that is just the first step.

We have to have solid leadership again. We do not deserve to have eggheads who write books about how to accomplish things but have never actually tried to put them into practice. These folks who came up with Common Core are just a bunch of eggheads, pure and simple.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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