Gingrich has good news for Trump supporters after NY

Linda Hester Walker said: Cruz is NOT legally or Constitutionally eligible to run for president. He is Canadian, not an American citizen. Our law is CLEAR and needs no interpretation. Demand our laws be enforced!

David Warthen said: Not sure how that’ll really matter. NY is Trump’s home state, people are going to expect him to do well. This is likely going to come down to California.

Wendy A. Woodring said: NY needs to make sure the voting machines aren’t tampered with from Preibus and the Diebold programmers. They will try to screw Trump to keep him from getting over 50% so he won’t get all the delegates! Prayers for Trump!

Newt Gingrich: “If Trump gets above 60% [in NY] it’ll be very hard to imagine that he’s not the presumptive nominee.”

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