Gingrich Releases Statement About Trump and Women… Promises It Will “Shock” Many

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has taken a lot of fire from the media and Democrats about his relationships with women. Liberals claim that Trump is very unpopular with women and a horribly sexist individual, but he has naturally denied these claims.

The Washington Examiner reported that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has stated that Trump is actually more pro-woman than Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich pointed to the fact that at the Clinton Foundation there is a pay discrepancy between male and female executives. Male executives make about 38 percent more than female executives, yet Clinton continues to prance around America and decry the fact that men make more than women in jobs.

Maybe she should fix her own organization first and lead by example.

“Do you really want a president who pays men 38 percent more than women?” Gingirch asked. “And it turns out that’s not Donald Trump. Donald Trump pays men (and) women executives very, very well, and he’s given them a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of authority.”

Trump has often stressed how his company has been very fair to women. On the other hand, all Clinton has done is talk about promoting women’s issues, but she doesn’t even follow through on her own advice.

“So ironically, it’s going to turn out at a practical, functionally economic level that Trump is much more pro-woman than is Hillary Clinton,” Gingrich stated. “I think that will come as a real shock.”

Gingrich stressed that if Trump could show American women the hypocrisy of Clinton, he could swing a large number of them to him, which could help him win the general election.

Clinton has already had a tough time in the Democratic primary earning the women vote, so we can only imagine the problems she will have in the general election.

Trump is already polling neck-in-neck with Clinton in several key swing states, so all he needs is a little push to get him over the edge. This could be it.

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