Glenn Beck – Assassination Coming In 2017

Glenn Beck definitely has a lot of homicidal fantasies towards Donald Trump, I thought last week’s tirade at CPAC was just a fluke. I was deeply disturbed by the Ted Cruz surrogate’s overt stabbing threat last week against Donald Trump, which happened right on the floor of the CPAC Convention, and was broadcast over the air to stations all over the country. Glenn Beck has not been the least bit shy about his hatred of Donald Trump. You can listen to the video below – which the Blaze team claims Beck was talking to someone else, and that is just not true. It was reported by the main stream media that the Secret Service paid Glenn Beck a visit regarding his threat towards Donald Trump.

For months, Beck’s hatred has become more and more vocal as he spends a great deal of time, on air and off, not only spewing his hatred, but encouraging others to join in as well. We wrote a story about that last week. Glenn Beck not only hates Donald Trump, but he hates Trump’s supporters. It seems as if he wants his followers to hate Trump supporters. And to be honest with you, knowing how mentally unstable Beck is, this scares me. Especially knowing he has a large cult-like zombie following that does whatever he says.

But since then, we have uncovered other videos from Glenn Beck that are equally disturbing. In this video below, Beck talks about an assassination in 2017, and of course, he mentions Trump in this video. The man really needs to be put on a watch list, if he isn’t on one already.

It is baffling that Ted Cruz has done nothing to disavow this hatred and speak out against these threats. Since Glenn beck endorsed Cruz and has joined his traveling circus, Cruz’s poll ratings have taken a nosedive. But Ted Cruz has always let everyone else do his dirty work for him. This is nothing new.

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