Glenn Beck Says Campaigning For Ted Cruz Caused His Media Empire To Crumble, The Blaze Flames Out

40 Layoffs as Glenn Beck’s Blaze Empire Continues Its Decline and Fall

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mormon evangelist is telling the world two things about Ted Cruz. First, he wants you to know that Cruz is the ‘anointed king to save America’. Secondly, he wants you to know that his entire media company has collapsed because of it, and he was just forced to layoff 40 of his employees. I wonder if any of the 40 fired former Beck employees are voting for Ted Cruz? Probably not. Someone should tell them that Donald Trump has promised to bring jobs back…

On the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck revealed that he has lost $500,000 campaigning with Ted Cruz  but said that has nothing to do with the recent firing of 40 of his employees.

“We are making the hard choices,” Beck explained. “We’re choosing principles over power. We’re staying true to the Constitution.”

Glenn Beck Says Ted Cruz Is Divinely Anointed And Has Been ‘Raised From Birth’ To Save This Nation

“There’s a story maybe you have read, that came out yesterday, that is talking about how yesterday, my company The Blaze laid off 40 people, and my media empire is crumbling, and part of it is because I’m traveling around with Ted Cruz,” he said, referencing a Daily Beast story.

“Well, I want you to know,” Glenn Beck continues. “Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something.”

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