GOP Delegate SUES For The Right To BETRAY Voters

Beau Correll is not a Donald Trump supporter, and really doesn’t want to vote for him.

For most of us, that’s no big deal. Everybody is free to cast a vote for whomever they want.

But Beau Correll is different. He’s a delegate to the Republican National Convention from Virginia.

And while Virginia overwhelmingly voted for Trump, Correll was a Ted Cruz supporter and is trying to avoid casting a ballot at the convention for the presumptive GOP nominee.

He filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court late last month asking a judge to block a law that many states have that bind delegates to the wishes of their constituency.

He said his conscience simply won’t let him vote for Trump. But Trump supporters in a motion said he is legally bound to do so. And the Democratic Attorney General is siding with the Trump camp, the PilotOnline is reporting.

“This case was unduly delayed until after the Commonwealth had conducted the 2016 Republican presidential primary and less than a month remained before the Republican National Convention,” Mark Herring wrote in a court filing. “Indeed, Correll’s lawsuit seeks to change the rules of an election not just right before an election, which would be troublesome enough, but after the election has already taken place.”

This infighting among Republicans irritates the life-long Democrat. AG Mark Herring’s spokesman, Michael Kelly said: “Correll’s disagreement with his party has now resulted in the OAG being forced to spend significant attorney time and taxpayer resources and dollars to defend the Republican Party against its own members for the third time in the last year.”

Another Virginia GOP delegate, John Fredericks, is a Trump supporter and said Correll knew the rules when he ran for delegate and can’t change them now.

“This lawsuit filed by Mr. Correll is baseless, and it represents the epitome of arrogance,” Fredericks said.

Fredericks also blamed former state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Cruz-backer who is also a delegate, for the lawsuit.

“Cuccinelli and Correll – this is basically the evil axis trying to deny the wishes of voters,” he said. “It’s like they can’t win at the ballot box so now they have to try to go and steal delegates.”

Correll is part of a last-ditch effort among “NeverTrumpers” to keep the candidate off the ballot. They say they want delegates to be able to vote their consciences.

He said in an interview that Trump’s “train wreck of a candidacy” would go down in defeat to Hillary Clinton in November, so the party needs to try to nominate someone else – and not necessarily Cruz.

“I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump,” he said. “It would be malpractice for Republican delegates going to Cleveland to allow him to carry the nomination.”

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