GOP Elites Fuming After Rush Gives 2-Word Strategy to Trump

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh offered a little friendly advice to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that surely had Republicans in Washington fuming.

On his radio program Thursday, the conservative powerhouse said, “The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to listen to anybody who tells him it’s time to change.”

Limbaugh’s straightforward and simple strategy for the businessman: Don’t change.

Limbaugh went on to tell his listeners that Trump’s instincts had gotten him this far and any attempt to change them would affect the bond he has developed with his supporters.

“Trump’s instincts are just fine, and he had better continue to trust them. He had better not start doubting them. He’d better not let other people make him doubt them,” he said. “If he starts abandoning who he is, if he tries to become somebody he’s not, that’s how he breaks the bond with his own supporters.”

As Limbaugh has pointed out several before, Trump has a strong bond with his supporters. The mainstream media, every liberal on earth and GOP elites have tried to turn Trump’s supporters against him, but they simply cannot break that bond.

Only Trump can break that connection, and one of the ways he could do that is if he decided to follow some of the advice others have been giving him to tone down his act or take his campaign in a different direction.

Limbaugh said any such move would essentially kill his momentum — not to mention the loyalty he’s gained from his supporters in the past year.

Limbaugh’s advice will no doubt have Republican elites in Washington fuming because they have been trying to take Trump down in way possible, and everyone knows it — including Trump.

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