GOP Folds Like a Cheap Lawn Chair On the Budget – AGAIN! Here’s Where They Caved:

In a move that illustrates the GOP-controlled Congress has no backbone, they YET AGAIN caved to the wishes of Democrats. And this is why we want to blow up the political system…

The House Republicans literally turned their backs on everything they stood for and buckled on a $1.07 trillion spending bill, and then left town to go campaign of all things, per

Of the 54 Senate Republicans, only 14 voted no on the Budget Continuing resolution (CR) 72-26. Thus, they essentially gave Democrats and the Obama administration a blank check for passing all of their favorite pet projects, including Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, the transgender bathroom mandate and immigrant amnesty.

$170 million was approved to help Flint, Michigan with its water crisis. Over 100 Republicans voted with the Democrats to simply throw money at the problem. We can only hope with that kind of monetary commitment, they actually fix the problem rather than just publish useless studies.

Another area where the GOP completely caved was in the transgender bathroom law, which would allow men to use the same bathroom that your daughter, wife, mother or grandmother would use simply because they claim they want to be a different gender.

Security concerns are also going to increase because the GOP approved two key immigration initiatives, including Obama’s executive amnesty and Sanctuary Cities legislation. Add to this the Democrats’ nonsensical desire to let in undocumented and unvetted Syrians and we have a recipe for more terrorist attacks in the future.

Finally, there wasn’t any means in the bill to prevent giveaway of internet jurisdiction to a foreign entity.

Republicans then left town to convince their constituents that Washington is broken, even though most of them are the disease, and definitely not the cure.

Yes, both parties just gave that arrogant Harry Reid a great parting gift, and they also yet again demonstrated just why many are so angry at the system.

All I can say is Trump/Pence 2016 seems to be our only saving grace.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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