GOP Senator Calls For “Third Party” Candidate… Trump Slaps Him Down With EPIC Reply

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, many Republicans are becoming even more split over the issue of whether to support the billionaire businessman.

Some Republicans want an establishment or far-right third party candidate to run so that Republicans who don’t like Trump will have an option and won’t have to vote against their principles.

Sen. Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican and outspoken Trump opponent, posted an open letter on Facebook urging a third party candidate to be drafted because, he said, both Clinton and Trump are unfit to lead America.

“In the history of polling, we’ve basically never had a candidate viewed negatively by half of the electorate. This year, we have two,” he wrote. “In fact, we now have the two most unpopular candidates ever … There are dumpster fires in my town more popular than these two ‘leaders.’”

Obviously, Trump wasn’t too happy about this, and blasted the senator’s call to action in an interview with Fox News‘ Brett Baier.

“Yes, he’s a real genius,” Trump said sarcastically. “So let’s say you get somebody to run. That means the Republicans can’t win. Now you have four to five Supreme Court justices that will be picked by Hillary Clinton or whoever it is, but probably Hillary. Bernie’s even worse.”

History has shown that third-party candidates never win, they just take away votes from one party or another. A third party Republican would mean that Clinton would be practically guaranteed the White House.

Some Republicans have even publicly stated they would vote for Clinton instead of Trump because they cannot bring themselves to endorse Trump’s rhetoric.

Trump has a lot of work to do in the next few months to unite the Republican Party and show everyone that he has what it takes to be president, but Republicans like Sasse — who is a great conservative and a man of principle, it should be noted — aren’t helping.

If Trump cannot bring the Republican Party together, Clinton will win the White House and America will be that much worse because of it.

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