Gov. Haley Makes SICK Trump Comparison To Tragic Event… This Will Cost Her a Re-Election

Donald Trump has been enjoying a surge in support from the Republican Party now that he is the presumptive presidential nominee, but there are still some very prominent Republicans speaking out against his rhetoric.

The Columbia (South Carolina) Post and Courier reported that Gov. Nikki Haley has spoken out against Trump’s recent rhetoric, going so far as to compare it to that of Dylann Roof, the racist who shot up a black church in Charleston last year.

Haley stated that she supported then-candidate Sen. Marco Rubio because Trump’s rhetoric was, and continues to be, dangerous and provocative.

“I know what that rhetoric can do. I saw it happen,” she stated bluntly.

While I think we all can agree that there have been times when Trump took something a little far, this comparison was uncalled for. There was a lot more that drove Roof to commit his act of terror than simple rhetoric. Roof was a maniac who had a lot of issues.

Haley did say that she doesn’t agree with the stereotype that all Trump supporters are racist, saying that she believed they were mostly just angry at Washington and saw Trump as a way to fix things.

“That’s a different kind of anger. They’re upset with Washington, D.C. They’re upset nothing’s got done,” she explained. “The way he communicates that, I wish were different.”

Most Trump supporters are indeed angry at Washington, and some people do wish Trump would tone down his rhetoric — but there is no need to compare him to a mass murderer.

Haley has made it clear that she isn’t exactly Trump’s number one fan, but she doesn’t need to got to this extreme. She can disagree with him as much as she wants, that is her right as an American, but she should try to keep it civilized and support her party’s nominee for the presidency.

H/T Mediaite

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