Gowdy Finally Finds “John From Iowa” Benghazi Drone Operator… The Game Is Changed

Ever since the formation of the House Select Committee on Benghazi two years ago, committee chair Trey Gowdy had sought to speak with a man known only as “John from Iowa” who purportedly was a drone operator on the night of the terrorist attack in 2012.

“John from Iowa” had called in to the Sean Hannity radio show in 2013 claiming to have firsthand knowledge of what transpired in the attack, but his identity was never revealed — until now that is, according to The Hill.

Despite repeated requests from the South Carolina Republican to the Pentagon to assist in locating this man, Gowdy received no help from the military and only mocking insults from his Democrat colleagues.

However, it turned out that John’s name was included on a list of drone operators active that September night in 2012, a list only handed over to the committee in late May. John, who is still active duty in the Air Force, has finally provided his testimony to the committee.

“It now appears the (Defense Department) had knowledge well in advance of who and where John was,” stated the committee. “They claimed ‘significant resources’ had been spent attempting to find him, but given the facts, it’s hard to imagine just how much incompetence would be required for that to be true.”

“Thorough, fact-centered investigations corroborate information with individuals who actually have specific knowledge and expertise,” said Gowdy. “That means talking to enlisted service members with firsthand information is just as important as talking to the generals and admirals who command them.”

The Benghazi Committee is expected to release its final report by the end of the month. That report is said to contain “game-changing” information never before released to the public.

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