Gowdy Just Blew The Lid Off What His Benghazi Investigation REALLY Did To Hillary, She’ll Hate It…

According to Rep. Trey Gowdy, Congressional probing of the Benghazi scandal was at least partly responsible for the forced exposure of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

After the State Department’s inspector general released a scathing report Wednesday documenting Clinton’s abuse of federal protocol, Gowdy released a statement highlighting the role Congress played in uncovering the truth.

“There is only one reason why these facts are now available to the American people: thorough congressional oversight, including the Select Committee on Benghazi’s insistence that any truly comprehensive review of what happened before, during, and after the 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya must include public records from the former Secretary of State and her senior staff,” said Gowdy.

The South Carolina Republican admitted that while Clinton’s email server was never central to the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s investigation, he argued the probe could not have moved forward without access to then-Secretary of State Clinton’s emails.

“If anyone wonders why the investigation is not yet complete, the malfeasance and numerous problems identified in this report are Exhibit A, and prove the committee has faced serial delays from Day One at the hands of public officials who sought to avoid transparency and accountability,” added Gowdy.

While Republicans have often faced criticism for the lengthy ongoing investigation into the events surrounding the Benghazi tragedy — often labeled as a “witch hunt” by Democrats — it seems likely Gowdy is correct in his assessment of the lack of cooperation from the State Department.

The State Department repeatedly obfuscated facts, admitted it withheld emails, and delayed findings during the investigation, and it was precisely these revelations that led to increased scrutiny of Clinton’s email server.

h/t: Washington Examiner

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