Grassroots “No Trump No Vote” Postcard event floods RNC, getting national attention

“NO TRUMP, NO VOTE” screamed fans at a Trump rally in Wisconsin, leading many to wonder what that was all about.

It appears the RNC and Paul Ryan have been receiving record numbers of postcards stating simply “No Trump, no Vote.”

Even Donald Trump himself weighed in

It all started here:

Ross C Altman

THE POSTCARDS SHOULD READ….NO TRUMP NO VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN IN ANY RACE!!!…. I have been seeing posts about mounting a post card campaign to the RNC saying no Trump…no vote! It must be much stronger than that….We The People must send a loud and clear message that if they resort to dirty tricks to screw Trump out of the nomination….There will be a massive movement to vote against any and all Republicans running for any office anyplace in the country. Vote write in, vote third party, even vote Democrat and let them know that we intend to kick their sorry, corrupt asses out of power if they have no regard for the will of the people. The Press and the RNC is in full Kill Trump mode…Last ditch desperation attempt and they smell blood… Time for the PEOPLE to be in full KILL the RNC mode! All the press is busily writing a Trump Obituary but the reports of his death are grossly premature…. The Press reaches and tries to brainwash many millions of people….they need to be stopped SHARE IF YOU AGREE …. THE REVOLUTION NEEDS TO BE FOUGHT WITH OUR VOTES!! Share it and make it go viral!!”

Meanwhile the Trump campaign is reclaiming stolen delegates

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