Green Beret Issues Sworn Statement, Drops Bombshell About Obama and Radical Islam

In a scathing statement describing his experiences with inept command centers during a recent mission, an experienced Green Beret laid out particulars that helped explain why our military has had such a difficult time fighting radical Islam.

The officer filed his witness statement after a botched airstrike that occurred on Sept. 29 through Oct. 3 when U.S. forces mistakenly hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, killing 42 staff and patients.

The Green Beret, whose name was redacted from the statement, said the command centers for the operation basically abandoned the men in Kunduz as they fought for over 70 hours. He blamed those in charge of “moral cowardice.”

He went on to say that when a mission asks for guidance and “receives nothing back over a 96-hour period, that’s an abject failure of leadership,” according to The Washington Times.

He added that there was a “fine line between not conducting operations to keep people out of harm’s way and not conducting operations in such a fashion that it actually increases overall risk to force and risk to mission.”

The way the operation was handled in Kunduz was “not a strategy,” the Green Beret said. Rather, it was a “recipe for disaster.”

The force has become separated from the lessons of its mentors through a “decrepit state that grows out of the expansion of moral cowardice, careerism and compromise devoid of principle, exchanged for cheap personal gain,” he said. He claimed the people in charge were playing it safe to avoid damaging their careers.

An investigation into special operations centers by U.S. Central Command last week corroborated his claims and revealed several failures including failure to follow proper procedures.

The fact that soldiers are not receiving the kind of leadership they need to fight radical Islam is just sickening, and Americans should be furious — though probably not surprised — that President Barack Obama has allowed this to happen.

Those putting their careers ahead of these brave men’s lives shouldn’t be allowed to keep their jobs.

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