Greta Van Susteren OBLITERATES Obama, Exposes His Treason in Viral TV Rant

It’s pretty clear that the Obama Administration has a deep-seated contempt for the American people. That is the only way to explain his constant and consistent deception of our people. He has, without question, been the least truthful man to ever sit in the Oval Office.

A perfect example of this blatant dishonesty came in his lies about the $400 million paid to the Iranian for the release of four American hostages. One person who called Obama on this bald-faced lie was FNC’s Greta Van Susteren. Speaking to Heather Nauert on America’s News Room, Van Susteren said, “And the troubling thing, of course, is that the president won’t admit that it was a ransom.”
This keeps to the narrative advanced by the Progressives in power that Mr. Obama is never – ever – wrong. And that if you question him you will be slapped down for your audacity.

Mr. Obama took to a hastily convened press conference Friday to rebuke the idea that his administration had paid $400 million in cash to the Iranian mullahs as ransom for the return of four American captives. His demeanor was typical as he talked down his nose at the nation.

But Van Susteren pointed out an inconvenient truth in that in order for anyone to believe the cash transfer was not ransom, one would have to also believe that the Iranian mullahs suddenly decided – out of the kindness of their hearts – to release four American hostages. Seeing as there is no kindness in the Iranian mullahs’ hearts…

“I mean, of course it was a quid pro quo,” Van Susteren said. “It was a ransom. And the troubling thing, of course, is that the president won’t admit that it was a ransom.”

Van Susteren took issue with an additional point in Obama’s narrative. That issue was predicated on a basic ability to believe him at all.

With Obama’s stubborn refusal to admit that the $400 million was a ransom, his story about why the ransom had to be paid in cash – hard US currency dispatched in small denomination US dollars – fell flat.

The White House has admitted that because Iran is the chief nation state sponsor of terrorism around the world, that some of that $400 million will most likely end up funding terrorism against innocents.

As Van Susteren points out, with all of the lies vomiting out of the Obama Administration about everything they touch, it is impossible to believe that they are acting in the best interest of the United States and her people. In fact, it’s hard not to believe they are working in the best interests of the Iranians.

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