H.R. 378: Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, Violation Gets You 10 Years In Prison

The federal government seeks to strip us of our ability to protect ourselves with bill H.R. 378 (revision of H. R. 5344), Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, which was just brought to the House this month.

The bill bans the sale, ownership and possession of body armor and comes with a 10 year prison sentence for violations.

The communists not only don’t want you to have guns, they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself from criminals or terrorists either….government or otherwise.

The bill specifically targets enhanced body armor, meaning NIJ Type III. This body armor will defeat up to .308 caliber or 7.62x51mm.

They want to strip us of body armor that is effective against rifles.

There is a grandfather clause, so if you purchase now you can keep the armor later. The bill is currently in committee.

It’s VITAL that we fight this bill right now.

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