HA Ha! Anti-Trump Muslim Planting Bombs In Kentucky Shot And Killed By Fire Captain

By day, Mark Sawaf, 39, was a mild-mannered mental health counselor. By night, Sawaf was an extremist leftist who made his neighbors nervous. Oh, and he was a Muslim who planted bombs all over the place, also. One of his bombs cost a man several of his fingers.

Fortunately for people who don’t want to get blown up by radical Islamic terrorists, Sawaf was sent to Allah on Thursday night.

According to the Lexington Herald, Sawaf was indicted by a federal grand jury in July for “owning and making unregistered destructive devices,” along with 7 other charges. He was ordered to remain in custody until his trial which was set for Sept. 13th.

Apparently, Sawaf had planted bombs all throughout the woods near his home. The bombs were attached to trail cameras that took photographs of wildlife. The ATF wanted to know where the bombs were located, so agents took Sawaf with them in order to expedite the search. Lexington police and fire assisted due to the large area involved.

During the search, Sawaf tried to escape which led an “altercation” between himself and law enforcement agents. Lexington Fire Captain Brad Dobrzynski shot Sawaf during the altercation. Sawaf died at the scene.

Prior to his death, investigators had searched his Kentucky home. That’s when officials stumbled upon Sawaf’s bomb making factory.

According to the Herald, they

“found materials consistent with what was used in the trail camera explosive: a flashlight with blast damage, a section of PVC pipe filled with unidentified black powder, hot glue and coins, according to court documents.

During their search in June, investigators also found a workbench in the home with a plastic jug containing black powder, a rock tumbler containing a suspected explosive powder, copper wires, and a handwritten note with explosive mixtures.”

A neighbor of Sawaf, Tracy Medford, told the Herald that he was afraid he might go crazy and shoot someone. Medford was very “leery” of him, and noted that Sawaf never seemed to want to talk to anyone.

Sawaf’s father, Ali Sawaf, is a former urologist. In 2002 the elder Sawaf was convicted of prescribing painkillers including OxyContin to his patients without diagnosing them first.

After a quick search, we found Sawaf’s Facebook page. It revealed he was not a fan of Donald Trump, or the Second Amendment, or anyone critical of Islam. Here are a few of his posts. (Note, while going over his Facebook page it was deleted).

mark sawaf muslims

mark sawaf trump muslims gays

mark sawaf trump nra

mark sawaf muslims 2

mark sawaf guns

And then there’s this one. Kind of ironic he’d post a meme about a “failed” bomb and restricting gun ownership, while he was making bombs that worked.

mark sawaf guns bombs

Fortunately for us, Sawaf is with Allah now, enjoying his 72 virgins, which surely will turn out to be pigs.

Don’t want more terrorists like Sawaf planting bombs all over the place? Vote Trump in November.

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