Haitian Leader Denounces Hillary For Stealing Billions In Aid Meant For Haitian People

Seemingly everything the Clinton’s become involved in is soon riddled with accusations of corruption and impropriety, and the Clinton’s charitable efforts to Haiti have been no exception.

Even Haitian leaders are speaking up and out against the corruption of Hillary, and what she and her husband have failed to do for the island nation.

In 2010, Haiti suffered from a devastating 7.0 earthquake that killed an estimated 200,000, and left millions of Haitians displaced.

The United States, as well as countries across the globe, pooled their efforts together to provide aid and resources to the ravaged nation.

Two people charged with allocating large sums of the charitable aid were Secretary of State, at the time, Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.

However, the pair have been criticized for blowing the money on high-end hotels and industrial parks that have done nothing for the hurting locals.

They also worked to award hefty government contracts to big donors of the Clinton Foundation without any sort of bidding process.

In fact, though billions of dollars were meant to flow into Haiti to provide aid, very little has been done, and six years later, many are still living in tents and makeshift huts.

To borrow a word from Hillary Clinton, their living conditions are deplorable, yet the Clintons used the natural disaster to fill up the Clinton Foundation coffers, and to reward their friends and family with political favors.

The situation has gotten so bad, that Bernard Sansaricq, the former president of the Haitian Senate has released a public statement that was featured on the Donald Trump website, speaking against the possibility of allowing Crooked Hillary near the White House.

“Sadly, when an earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti in 2010, corruption moved in faster than the help so desperately needed.

Today, the people of Haiti are still suffering despite the billions of dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons exploited this terrible disaster to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti.

The world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived.

The Clintons and their friends are richer today while millions still live in tents. The world deserves to know where the money went and why help was never sent.”

What do you think? Would Hillary be using the presidency to serve the nation, or to serve herself?

H/T: US Chronicle

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