Hannity tells Trump: I’m voting for you in November

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity told Donald Trump in an interview Tuesday night that he’ll be voting for the Republican presidential candidate in November.

“I’m an opinion show and I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November,” Hannity announced on his show, prompting a “thank you” from the businessman.

The exchange came as Hannity pressed Trump for hints on whom he might select for Cabinet positions, should the presumptive GOP nominee win the general election in November.

“You’re not giving me anything,” Hannity bemoaned with a laugh. “You know, I am not the corrupt press. I am actually the conservative [press].”

“You happen to be right about that,” Trump responded.

Trump regularly appears on Hannity’s program, where the conservative commentator often goes after the businessman’s political critics while also outlining Trump’s campaign platform.

Trump has been similarly warm to Hannity, congratulating the Fox personality in a tweet on Tuesday for “tremendous in television ratings” and urging his followers to watch Hannity’s show.

During their interview, Hannity mentioned efforts by Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine and a vocal opponent of Trump, to identify a candidate to mount an independent bid in November. Hannity also mentioned Libertarian Party efforts to present an alternative to Trump.

“[I]t seems like they only want to help Hillary Clinton get elected,” Hannity said, referring to the Democratic front-runner.

The interview capped off a day where Trump escalated his feuding with media following pressure from press to release details of money he raised for veterans groups early this year.

“This is not an isolated incident,” Hannity told Trump referring to media scrutiny of the businessman. The host brought up a controversial New York Times report in May on Trump’s past with women.

“I said in 2008, journalism is dead, you’re confronting this bias, institutional bias, and they don’t seem to like it,” Hannity said.

Trump continued to argue that members of the political press are dishonest, saying, “They’re bad people.”

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