HE DID IT! Trump Just UNLOADED on China in THIS Viral Message, MILLIONS Agree!

When Donald Trump ran for president, one of the hallmarks of his campaign was starting the conversation about the underhanded tactics China uses to compete against the United States. But, our days of having a globalist, apologist president in the Oval Office are numbered.

The President-Elect unloaded on China with a series of afternoon tweets. His tweets ran the gamut, from discussing how ridiculous China’s currency manipulation garbage is, to their practice of heavily taxing our products, to their military complex in the South China Sea. 

Trump made calling out China’s currency manipulation one of the hallmarks of his stump speech. “China is the big abuser,” he has said in the past. “They are grand masters at currency manipulation.”

And its a serious problem for the United States as well. Consider how giant American companies are impacted by China’s currency manipulation practices.

For example, Apple relies on a few Chinese companies to manufacture parts of their products. If China lowers the value of the Yuan, that means that our dollar is stronger in comparison, which makes production more expensive.

Another negative impact occurs when the income generated in Chinese markets is sent back to the United States. With a stronger Yuen, those earnings translate to less US dollars than it should. In a nutshell, when the earnings are gone, so are American jobs.

These tweets are actually retaliatory in nature, because China lodged a complaint with the United States regarding Trump’s decision to accept a congratulatory call from the Taiwanese President regarding his election. China has long considered Taiwan to be a part of their country and not an independent nation.

Trump is letting everyone know that he is not going to be bullied. He and our nation cannot be told what to do. Also, his policies may not necessarily reflect the normal protocol of presidents in the past.

There is no question Trump has a challenge ahead of him, because he has to keep his promise of keeping our interests first. Shipping jobs to other countries is a big no-no in the Trump administration, but he also has to do what he can to avoid a trade war.

Of course, the fact that there is a huge distinction between him and his predecessor is a great start. Donald Trump will do everything he can to instill in this country a measure of nationalistic pride.

For far too long, we have looked out for other nations’ interests, while ignoring our own. So, the next time a liberal rails on you about the evils of nationalism, simply tell them other countries do it all the time. Kudos to Trump for looking out for our national interests.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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