Head of Border Control Comes Forward To DIRECTLY Address Obama, Reveals Border Bombshell

President Obama’s policies have created porous borders that have witnessed record numbers of illegal immigrants streaming across.

59, 692 undocumented minors surged across the US border during fiscal year 2016. A staggering 77,674 additional people entered as members of a family with children. Obama’s notoriously soft treatment of illegals, particularly children, has sparked a massive influx of undocumented migrants.

Chief Mark Morgan, head of Border Patrol since June, vented his concerns in a heated address to Congress. Trained agents are being forced to lay down their arms and pick up bottles and pacifiers as thousands of unaccompanied minors overwhelm the system.

Men and women capable of protecting the borders are instead being used as reluctant nannies. Hundreds of agents have been shipped to Texas to fill-in as childcare providers.

Obama’s administration has made it remarkably easy for large swaths of illegals to remain in the country. Minors, or those who claim to be, are allowed to live freely in the country for years if apprehended by Border Patrol. Their fate is determined by a court date that’s often years in the future.

Families traveling with children under 18 are usually granted the same leniency. Sick individuals are now nabbing orphaned children and pretending to be their parents. Doing so grants them an almost guaranteed release onto American soil. Criminals can now encounter US border control without fearing deportation as long as they have a child with them. No matter how said child got there.

“It really is child care professional stuff that we’re doing: clothing them, feeding them, making sure that they get the medical attention, making sure that they’re able to sleep, making sure that they get appropriate meals during the day, make sure they have snacks, that meals are warm,” Chief Morgan told Congress.

Obama’s made the dangerous decision to release the vast majority of illegals caught at the border into the US. Rather than deporting unknown, possibly criminal people to their home countries the president has chosen to let them roam free in America.

“The reality is they come to the borders and they are being released. What that does is it sends a strong message to those folks in the country that if you get to the United States border, we’re going to let you in,” Chief Morgan said.

President-elect Donald Trump championed American safety and immigration reform during his historic campaign. He infamously promised to force Mexico to pay for a massive wall spanning the border between the two countries.

Accusations of racism poured down from Liberals. Of course they utterly ignored commenting on the record-breaking number of illegals who crossed the border in the last few years.

Chief Morgan desperately appealed to Congress for stricter border laws and faster deportations. His stressed, overworked department can no longer handle the huge numbers of people defiantly walking across the border.

American intelligence officers have learned that untold numbers of undocumented migrants are purposely concocting doleful, pathetic stories intended to convince border agents to allow them to stay in the US.

Thousands of people crossing the border are fleeing from desperate horror; thousands more are manipulative opportunists willing to lie through their teeth.

“We know that they’re coaching individuals on specifically what to say when they come here. They just rattle off and they memorize the magic words that they need to say so they’ll fall within the statute of credible fear,” Morgan said.

The chief insisted that the only way to rectify the situation is for America to send a strong message that those who enter illegally will be swiftly deported. Current lax border policies encourage would-be illegals.

Trump has promised a vigorous crackdown on illegal immigration. It will mark one of the biggest differences between his administration and Obama’s. The benefits will be felt immediately.

It’s ridiculous that highly trained border officers are being forced to play nanny instead of dealing with the relentless flow of drugs and criminals flowing across the border. It can’t be fully verified that all of those who claim to be under 18 truly are. There have been reports of adults lying about their age in order to get lenient treatment from border control.

Mexican authorities have even been found helping illegals reach the US. Thousands have Haitian immigrants living in Central and Southern America have surged north recently, aided by travel permits issued by Mexico.

Trump has hinted the possibility of threatening to renegotiate NAFTA if Mexico refused to help stop the immigration crisis.

Obama’s administration has weakened America’s borders for eight years straight. Thousands of unvetted, possibly dangerous illegal immigrants have been granted entry to the US. They live and walk freely among us.

Trump will solve the problem. The future president will stem the tide of immigrants entering illegally and relieve the burden weighing on frazzled Border Patrol agents.

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