HEART POUNDING Fan Video Will Make Trump Win BIG – IF People See It!

Grab a tissue because the new Donald Trump video created by a fan will definitely make your eyes water. The motivational video reminds us who we are and what America once was—and can be again under the proper leadership.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves,” reads Abraham Lincoln as the lead-in to the new Donald Trump video.

The Trump Fan Network video takes us back to the swearing in of Barack H. Obama—when things took a turn for the worse in an already struggling America. While liberals fail to admit it, you can loathe Obama as a president and not be racist.

In fact, hating the socialistic policies forced upon the nation by Obama likely makes you what our Founding Fathers hoped the new nation would one day be filled with—patriots. Since Obama took office, the Constitution has been under constant attack.

Liberals do not cherish the Constitution. They can barely muster a show of respect for it when voting in Congress or being interviewed by mainstream media elites who want us all to believe they are true journalists offering us an unbiased view of the news.

America is far less safe than it was when Barack Obama took office. Radical Islamic terrorism has grown during the administration, and Obama still refuses to call our enemy by name or even admit we are locked in a brutal war with them.

There are now more Americans in the welfare and social programs system than getting up every day and going to work to pay into it.

A record 47 million Americans are now on food stamps. If Hillary and Obama have their way, that number will double as more illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees (improperly vetted ones, of course) are allowed into the United States.

The recipe for a complete and total economic disaster is only missing one main ingredient. If Hillary Clinton is allowed to move back into the White House, it will be time to put that ticking time bomb of a cake into the oven and prepare for a fiscal explosion.

The bulging, overreaching federal government would continue to bloat and foster an environment for even larger scale corruption if Donald Trump is not elected. He will clean house, not pander to lobbyists and party elites.

We need and deserve a president who is beholden to the Constitution and We the People, not a career politician owned by the donor class and lobbyists with a history of breaking the law and getting away with it!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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