Her only son was murdered by an illegal alien

The future is more important than you. I beg you pay attention, get informed and vote freedom lives or dies in this primary election. Who represents the truth? Who represents the truth? I am telling my friends that I have done my homework, and Trump is our only hope in my VERY INFORMED opinion. Please do some research for yourselves if there is any doubt in your mind that what I am saying is the truth. Look at the truth Kasich accepted money from Communist George Soros.

Cruz is associated with the globalists, and the Bush family. The Bush family has been associated with the New World Order (globalists) since the rise of Adolph Hitler. A good starting point would be George Bush Seniors speech on the new world order. Please search this so you will know I am not a wolf in sheeps’ clothing, but the establishment and corrupt politicians that I have mentioned are. PLEASE do it for Yourself, for your children, your grandchildren, and your nation.

I swear with God as my witness I believe what I am saying is the truth. Freedom is at stake in this election. If America falls to socialism the world is doomed. Please spend a little time to prove to yourself what the truth is.

Sabine is a LEGAL immigrant from Germany. Her only son was murdered by an illegal alien in Riverside County, CA in 2012. She is a strong Donald Trump supporter who has met personally with Trump and knows he will end illegal immigration in the U.S.

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