Here Are The DNC’s Lowlights: From Cheering Abortion To Booing Fighting ISIS

The chaotic, confusing and corrupt Democratic National Convention came to an end yesterday, and I want to highlight some of the event’s greatest hits:

·     During Leon Panetta’s speech on Wednesday night, the audience booed loudly when he called for the U.S. to fight terrorism

·     On Tuesday, Bernie supporters staged a walkout after Hillary Clinton received the party’s nomination…and rumors are circulating that paid seat-fillers had to step in to fill the convention hall

·     President Obama gave a speech on Wednesday where he referred to himself 119 times

·     The NARAL president was applauded during her speech when she discussed having an abortion when she was younger because–at the time–it was inconvenient for her to have a child.

So, to sum up the convention: Calls to kill ISIS were booed while Planned Parenthood & abortion was cheered.

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