Here Are The Full Results From Yesterday’s New York Primary

Donald J. Trump was the big winner in his home state of New York on Tuesday, as more than 60% of the Empire State’s primary voters checked the box for the brash real estate mogul. Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place with 25% of the vote while Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished in a distant third with 14.5%.

Trump’s performance will earn him a vast majority of New York state’s 95 delegates, at least 89 of which he will take to the GOP’s convention in July. John Kasich also captured a handful of delegates while Ted Cruz leaves the state empty handed.

Tuesday was an important victory for Trump not only because it was his home state, but because his win potentially slows the moment Senator Cruz had been building after a string of primary victories leading up to yesterday’s contest.

Here are yesterday’s results with around 98% of New York precincts reporting:

New York 95  Donald Trump: 60.5% (89)

John Kasich: 25.1% (3)

Ted Cruz: 14.5% (-)

On the other side of the political aisle, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton easily defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 57.9% to 42.1%.

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