Here Are The GOP Candidates Who Have Officially Endorsed Donald Trump So Far

The GOP remains divided on its presumptive presidential nominee. Despite having essentially locked up the parties nomination, some high profile Republicans, like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, continue to withhold their support for the New York billionaire.

Others, however, including many of his competitors for the 2016 nomination, are lining up behind the real estate mogul.

Here’s the list of Trump’s former competitors who have rallied around the presumptive nominee.

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul endorsed Trump during a may 5th interview with radio host Leland Conway, making good on his promise to support whomever won the Republican nomination.

“You know, I’ve always said I’ll endorse the nominee,” Paul said in the interview on May 5th. “I said that even when I ran [for Senate] in 2010.”

Paul went on to criticize Hillary Clinton.

“To me it’s most important that people know that, for Kentucky, the Clinton’s will be terrible. I mean, she said she’s gonna put coal miners out of business.We’ve lost 10,000 jobs. So I think it’s almost the patriotic duty of anybody in Kentucky to oppose the Clintons because I think they’re rotten at the core, I think they’re dishonest people.”

Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee claims that he is going all in for the presumptive GOP nominee.

Huckabee released a statement via his website on May 4th in which he declared, “I will be all in to help him defeat Hillary Clinton and I call upon all fellow Republicans to unite in defeating Hillary [Clinton.]” Huckabee also chided the so-called “Never-Trump” movement saying,”The dirty little secret is that the Never Trump movement was more about providing high dollar work for the political consultants than stopping the disaster of an Obama third term which is the result of electing Hillary Clinton.”

Rick Perry

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who had once thrown his support behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz, gave his endorsement of Trump last week.

“He is not a perfect man. But what I do believe is that he loves this country and he will surround himself with capable, experienced people and he will listen to them,” Perry said on CNN. “He wasn’t my first choice, wasn’t my second choice, but he is the people’s choice.”

Despite Trump’s imperfections, Perry went on to heap praise on the real estate mogul. “He is one of the most talented people who has ever run for the president I have ever seen.” the former governor he added.

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, has endorsed Donald Trump and is calling for those in the “never Trump” camp to rally around the presumptive nominee despite their apprehension.

“I know a lot of my friends are in the “never Trump” camp and I understand that, I was very critical of Donald Trump,” Jindal said on Tuesday’s Hannity. “But we need to be honest with ourselves. Today we’ve got two choices: it is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.” Jindal went on to add that not supporting Trump will help put Hillary Clinton in The White House.

“I think anyone who says they canning support Donald Trump needs to understand that one of the consequences is that will make it easier for Hillary Clinton to win and I don’t think we can accept that as a country.”

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the first GOP presidential candidate to announce his support for Trump after dropping out of the 2016 race, endorsing the New York billionaire in February.

“I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States,” Christie said, as he stood beside Trump and made his case for why his prior rival is the best candidate for the Republican nomination.

Trump also announced that Governor Christie will lead his White House transition team should he emerge victorious in November.

Ben Carson

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Trump in March of this year, shortly after suspending his own presidential campaign. The move surprised many, especially considering the contentious nature of the race between Trump and Carson.

“There are two different Donald Trumps,” Carson said at the billionaire’s Mar-a-Lago resort on March 11th. “There’s the one you see on the stage and there’s the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. You can have a very good conversation with him. That’s the Donald Trump that you’re going to start seeing more and more of.”

Carson added that the two men have “buried the hatchet”.

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