Here Are The New Delegate Totals After Trump’s New York Victory

Donald Trump expanded his delegate lead over his rivals with his decisive victory in Tuesday’s New York Primary. The real estate mogul will be picking up at least 89 of the Empire State’s 95 delegates, a total that will likely rise as the bean counters finish their work. John Kasich also added a handful of delegates to his tally. As of right now, it looks as if Senator Ted Cruz will leave the New York empty handed.

Trump has now accumulated 845 of the 1,237 delegates he would need to win on the first ballot during July’s Republican convention. He would need 392, or 53%, of the remaining delegates to go into the Ohio convention with the nomination in-hand.

The billionaire leads his closest rival Ted Cruz by 286 delegates. Having racked up 559 delegates thus far, Cruz would need 678, or 92%, of the remaining 734 delegates in order to win on the first ballot in July. Such a sweep of the remaining delegates is highly unlikely, especially considering that many of the upcoming primary contests, including Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, seem to favor frontrunner Donald Trump.

Here are the delegate totals as they stand today:


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