Here are the remaining delegates needed for Donald Trump to win

Great men who lead are not afraid of other people’s opinion. Leaders do what’s right for the betterment of the whole team. The minority can’t dictate to the majority. It’s been going on for far too long… when 1% own 40% of the country’s wealth, you know the system has become an oligarchy.

That’s why everyone is against Trump. He is a disrupter to their game. When Democrats, Republicans, and the media hate a candidate, we know that’s are man. I challenge the haters, useless idiots, to challenge their limiting believes. Read about Soros, Ayers, Alynski… these folks want to make America worse.

Trump wants to make America like Dubai… we all will be rich and happy. He has a track record…these other schlonges have built nothing but animosity! Trump is the only alternative to a better country for Americans.

Remaining delegates needed to win for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.


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