Here Is The GOP Ballot VS. The Democratic Ballot In Pennsylvania–Notice Anything Strange?

Donna from Staten Island, a caller on Tuesday’s Sean Hannity Show, has provided with a pair of photos–one of the Democratic ballot and one of the GOP ballot–that perfectly illustrate the bizarre way the Pennsylvania GOP elects its delegates to the Republican National Convention. The photos were taken by Donna’s sister, who is voting in Pennsylvania’s 15th district.

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of the two ballots. On the left, you’ll see the Democratic ballot. On the right, the GOP. Notice a difference?


The Democratic ballot clearly shows the name of the candidate each delegate is committed to. The GOP ballot offers no such information.

As Sean and others have been arguing for weeks now, this lack of information on the Pennsylvania ballot itself means that voters could potentially vote for one candidate in the state-wide vote (which is worth 17-delegates) and delegates who support a different candidate in their district delegate vote (which is worth a total of 54-delegates.)

While it’s too late to change the system now, the confusing way in which Pennsylvania, and other states, choose their delegates is something the GOP would be wise to address moving forward.

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