Here’s Exactly How Trump Beats Hillary in the General Election… And She’s Scared To Death

Two political analysts predict that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump could potentially beat Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton in five difficult but manageable steps.

Writing for The Hill, Ian Swanson and Bob Cusack said Trump must first shake up the electoral map by inspiring states that previously leaned left to turn his way. Take Pennsylvania and Michigan, for instance, both of which Trump won during the primary elections.

In fact, Trump won every single county in Pennsylvania. So though many view the state as “Clinton country,” it stands to reason that he might be able to muster up enough support among frustrated Democrats and unaffiliated independents to win the state during the general election.

Another thing the billionaire candidate must do, Swanson and Cusack argued, is use every single one of Clinton’s vulnerabilities against her — and thankfully, many vulnerabilities exist, from Clinton’s sordid past to her sleazy ties to Wall Street.

It is even more imperative that Trump unify the fractured Republican Party by picking the right vice presidential candidate.

“He needs a running mate who can reassure Republicans that he really is one of them, given doubts about his policy positions and party loyalties,” Swanson and Cusack pointed out.

Moreover, Trump desperately needs to elevate his favorability ratings with Latinos, and choosing someone like former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio or New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as his running mate could just do the trick.

The last thing the outspoken presidential candidate absolutely must do is put his rhetoric about being a deal maker into action by … wait for it … making deals, be it with disgruntled establishment Republicans, irritated minority voters or whomever.

Suffice it to say, he needs to show that his presidency would be a boon for everyone, including even his fiercest critics.

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